Frequently Asked Questions

Why a 100% online degree from the University of Saint Francis?

Not all online programs are the same. When considering an online degree, you need to know that your degree is backed by a quality institution with an excellent reputation.  The University of Saint Francis uniquely combines quality, affordability and flexibility to provide an online degree that is recognized by potential employers and makes USF grads sought after.

Who teaches the online courses?

USF’s online courses are taught by the same highly-skilled and caring instructors that teach courses on our campus. These professionals are committed to your success and care deeply about their students.

Is financial assistance available for online students?

Yes.  Outside scholarships, employer reimbursement and government funding may be available.  Contact our Financial Aid department for more information.

What are the computer requirements for online students?

Our online platform is compatible with Mac or PC operating systems. Your admissions counselor can help verify that your system meets the necessary software requirements for our online programs. In order to participate in classes, you should have regular access to the Internet and email, as well as, be familiar with creating, formatting, and attaching Microsoft Word documents.

Can you tell me which (if any) of my previous courses will transfer?

USF has a generous credit transfer program. To find out how many of your existing college credits may transfer, complete our form to request more information.

Will I have scheduled time for online courses?

No! We know you’re balancing home, work and all of the demands of life.  There are no required login times, making our program extremely flexible.